About Your Insurance Man,

Alton Anderson, owner of Texas American Agency in Fort Worth, has been in the health and life insurance business for over  50 years.  His specialty has always been to educate senior's about their medicare and to make sure they understand  what options they have with medicare products such as medicare supplements, medicare advantage and long

term care. 

Alton grew up on a dairy in Fort Worth, which his father

managed for over 40 years.  He graduated from Polytechnic

High School, met  and married his wife, Ann, over 60 years ago.  They raised four daughters, have numerous grandchildren and recently have had the pleasure of several  great-grandchildren.

When he is not talking about insurance, he dedicates time

to the Moslah Shrine Center, helping to raise money for

the Shrine Hospital for Children.  

He loves what he does for a living so much that he refuses

to retire, stating that he has too many people to help with

their insurance needs   Even as a double amputee he gets up

everyday because he can't wait to talk to folks about their

health and life insurance needs, and we still make house calls!

Texas Dept of Insurance License #2960
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