To get a quote, simply select the type of product you are interested in on the left of the screen.  If, at anytime, you don't get the information you need or you have a question, please give us a call at  817-457-2050  or send us an e-mail at  TXAA@att.net.

Looking for health insurance?  Click on the "Individual / Family Health" link on the left and you will have the option of going on the Exchange or getting health insurance off the Exchange.  If you think you may qualify for help with your premium or if you just aren't sure, choose to go on the Exchange, answer a few questions and they will let you know if you might qualify for a subsidy with your health insurance.  Remember, Open Enrollment begins on November 1st.

We do have a great alternative to the ACA for individuals and families who are non-tobacco users and do not have a chronic disease and it exempts you from tax penalties.  We also have other options we can show you.   Give us a call and we would be happy to discuss this option, 817-457-2050.

We offer Medicare Advantage plans that include the Part D drug plans and we also offer stand-alone

drug plans but they are not on our quoting system so just give us a call and ask for a Medicare

Advantage agent so we can discuss your options.  Give us a call,  817-457-2050.

We do small groups, 2-50 people,  click on the Group Census Form on the left. Print the PDF forms, complete all three pages to the best of your knowledge and submit it by either fax or email.  If you have any questions, please call us at 817-457-2050 or e-mail  TXAA@att.net.

Remember, if you don't find a product that works for you, we have many other options we can tell you about that are not on our quoting system.    Just give us a call or come by our office and let us help you.

We want to be clear!  The information you enter, in doing a quote, will not be shared with

anyone other than the agent helping you with your quote and your information will never be

shared or sold to any other entity for any reason.  You will not be bombarded with agents

calling from all over the place to sell you something.  Our clients privacy is of the utmost

importance to all of us at Texas American Agency.


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